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Q. "With the current state of the economy, is this a good time to be building or renovating?"

Due to the current economic situation the cost of tradespeople and suppliers have drastically reduced. Our costs associated with constructing a new home are the lowest they've been since 2000! If you are looking to either construct a new home or renovate your existing home, now is the time to take advantage of these low costs.

Q. "Can O'Durnin Developments help us find a lot and or property for our new home?"

Yes. We work closely with a carefully selected team of trusted realtors who can assist you in finding your dream location.

Q. "We want a unique house plan. We want our home to stand out from the 'cookie-cutter' product that is so common today. Is this something that you can do?"

Your home is your greatest asset, and we know that you want it to stand out from the crowd. That is why we have carefully selected architects and engineers who are local and have fabulous reputations. Each one will sit down with you in order to discover the exact look you are after, while considering your lifestyle and family, in addition to your wants and needs. Our architects have designed everything from 4 million dollar homes in downtown Vancouver to starter homes in the Valley. Each of our homes have all of the extra special details that make an O'Durnin Development home stand 'head and shoulders above the crowd.'

Q. "What is this going to cost us? Construction prices can be so volatile in today's financial climate."

As a starting point, we can introduce you to trusted mortgage brokers and bankers that many of our clients have used successfully in the past. Once we determine the cost that you are comfortable with, we source out prices and provide you with an estimate. We have a long list of reliable tradespeople and suppliers that we have used for years. Due to the volume of work that we provide them, we are always able to get the best price possible. It does not matter if it is the lumber for your walls or the fridge in your kitchen - we always source out the most cost-effective price for you.

Q. "How do I know that what I am paying for is legitimate? Friends of ours had a home built and are convinced they were paying too much."

You are always in control of the finances for the construction of your home. We gather the invoices from the various suppliers and tradespeople and give them directly to you. Whether you mail them a cheque or go into their office to pay on your credit card is completely up to you. This way you are paying for the materials and labour directly. We do not pay anyone for you or collect monies on your behalf. We feel that this is the most transparent and trustworthy way of running our business. It also gives you, the client, confidence in that you are 'getting what you pay for'.

Q. "I'm terrible with colors. I know what I like but have difficulty putting it all together. The thought of picking out everything from doorknobs to paint is scary!"

We have designers who work directly with us. They will meet with you in your current home to discuss the colors in order to find the exact look that you are after. Along the way, they will come with you to the various suppliers and help you pick out everything - including the doorknobs and the paint!

Q. "I'm worried about the environmental footprint that my home and family has on the Earth. What can you do to make our home more environmentally friendly?"

As a family-run business we are very concerned about leaving the Earth better than we found it. We strongly believe that:

" We are not leaving the Earth to our children, but are borrowing it from our grand-children."

We can engineer your home to have everything from Geo-Thermal heating systems which use the Earth's temperature to naturally heat and cool your home, to having non-toxic paint on your walls. We have a myriad of products available that can help make your home's impact on the Earth as small as possible.

Q. "O.K. What is this going to cost me?"

We determine a "Builder's Management Fee" based on the size, complexity, and time-frame of your home. Once the 'Management Fee" has been agreed upon, you are invoiced monthly for the supervision of your home's construction.

Q. "Sounds great! When can we get started?"

As soon as possible! Visit our CONTACT page and give us a call or email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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